Monday, March 7, 2011

Really Random

The guy that owns the lawn business (hi Tim) that takes care of our yard brought his puppy over one evening a couple weeks ago.  He took the red female puppy that we called Hawk.

At first it wasn't clear if they all remembered each other, but pretty soon it became obvious that whether they remembered each other or not was irrelevant.
They had a blast playing in the yard for probably most of an hour.

Remington and Bailey (Hawk as we called her)

It was a WILD playdate.
Getting a good picture of all three was impossible.  It was all tails, teeth, snouts and butts.

They were all exhausted by the time we made them quit.

Grace and Grant playing with fences from their fisher price set of toys, toy story characters, model horses and miniature barbies.  It was quite a story they were weaving

The barbie seemed to be some kind of equestrian performer.

Buzz, Woody, Jessie, Zurg, Bullseye and the aliens comprised the audience.

Rock update....

Here's the rock stuffing fellow and the very pile of rocks from which the source of the trouble came.

Went to see a ent luck getting a rock out.  We go back tomorrow to give him a shot of 'happy gas' and do the same procedure in the OR where they can get a better look without worrying about hurting him.  He'll just have one heck of a sore nose when it's all over.

I hope that sore nose serves as a reminder not to jam stuff in all of the holes in his head!!!!

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