Friday, June 10, 2011

The Barber of L'ville (sorry for the bad pun)

David decided before and after pictures were not enough...

He snuck in the bathroom the other night when it was haircutting time again.

In the summer we opt for not using a cape.
Sometimes the (younger) clients opt for no clothes at all when getting a cut.

Though that makes for a 'hairy situation' when the cut is done.

One time when I finished cutting Grant's hair, he said "Look, Mom.  I have fur on me like Dad does!"

John would totally prefer to go to a (real) barber for his trim, but he's not willing to fork over the dollars to do it so Mom's free trim is still the method of choice for him as well.

David was still picture taking after bathtime and story time.
Grace still sleeps with the giant horse in her bed every night.

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