Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Car Fun

a few more totally random pictures here....

I have been a total slacker this past week at blogging.
I'll blame it on the transition from kids in school to kids at home.
We've been busy getting chores figured out and figuring out what to do with ourselves together all day now.

John finishes up baseball tomorrow night.  They are doing a round robin tournament since there were so few teams in his age bracket in this particular league. 

I'm guessing we'll be looking for a new league to play in next year if he still chooses to play baseball.
There was not much to brag about in the league this year.

Tonight John had a birthday party at a local fun park.  He got to ride go-karts and do laser tag.  The party ended at 9:30!  (Who schedules a party that late?)

Anyway, I took the other three kids swimming during the time he was at the party.  Grace and Grant both decided tonight was the night to start swimming on their own.

Grace made it by herself clear across the pool.  That was a first for her.
Grant is trying his hardest, but he's not quite that good yet.

Grace also decided she wanted to jump off the diving board tonight.
It took her two trips to the end of the board, but she finally got the nerve to jump!
She loved it!

Grant was not about to be outdone by his sister.  He decided right then that he was going off the dive too. 

Unfortunately, he hasn't quite got the swimming thing figured out as well as she does.
He came up and swam two strokes then turned and grabbed hold of me.  He decided it was easier to hitch a ride to the side of the pool than swim by himself.

If you know me, you know I can swim, but I am NOT a proficient swimmer.  I like to swim, but I do NOT like to swim while lugging a 54 pound lump of terrified boy around with me.

By the time I huffed my way to the side of the pool dragging him, I made the executive decision that there would be no more jumping into the pool to mom this evening.

My decision was met with much booing and groaning by the newest swimmers in the family.

Too bad.

They'll just have to wait on their


to jump in to next time.

This girl in the picture below is the one with the glasses in case there was any confusion regarding the newest wearer of glasses in the family.
I'm still not officially revealing who it is.  Maybe she won't get mad at me for telling on her if I leave you guessing a little.

She only wears them for long distance viewing.  She doesn't have to wear them all of the time.

What's up with that???

When I got glasses as a kid, the doctor told me to put them on and that was where they stayed from the time I got out of bed until I went back to bed that night!

I now have two kids with glasses who do not have to wear them all of the time!

Just a little attitude for you this evening......

These pictures were all taken in the car while waiting for John after one of his baseball games.  Obviously we'd all gotten a little silly by this point in the day.

I promise I'll get pictures downloaded one of these days.

Right now I'm off to iron some clothes before going to bed!

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  1. Ang, I hate to tell yu but you now have middle schoolers....9:30 is not late for that age group. In fact it might be considered early! :)