Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's been a while...

I't been almost a week since I've sat down and posted...
and what a week it's been!

Thank you Mom and Dad for watching the kids over the weekend.  It was much appreciated. 

Jennifer (aka Rodney) and Larry .......
what a beautiful wedding!
Thank you for sharing your special day with the us.
We wish you many years of happiness and much success in life.

To all the other family,

it was so fun seeing everyone again. I can't believe it has been so many years since getting together with some of you.

I think July 2002 was when we all gathered at the Potter farm.

Remember how HOT it was that day??

Gives us a whole new appreciation for A/C, huh?

What a fun day and what good memories.

just like those memories made this past weekend in Bloomington.


And now, back to our regularly scheduled post about nothing......

These pictures were taken at a pizza place the last week John and Emily were still in school.  Grace, Grant and I snuck off one cold rainy day for one more hurrah before the big kids were out for the summer.

Grace's favorite ride is this horse.  You can 'ride' it in a steeplechase.  The horse gallops and feels like it is really jumping.  She LOVES it.

Grant of course goes for anything dealing with racing and things with engines!

Here he is hamming it up for a photo at the picture booth.

Grace likes the picture booth too.  It prints out a plastic credit card with the kids' picture on it.  Pretty neat.

Here's Grant playing another game....with his tongue stuck out of course.

Pizza was good, but.....

it took a backseat to a live appearance by the big mouse himself.

We enjoyed a friendly game of air hockey....

and a spin with the kiddie rides.

And now summer is in full swing.
John is at band camp at the U of L school of music this week.  He has a concert Thursday evening. 

We're going to spend some time at the farm this weekend so the kids can watch some guys blow the dam on the old pond and start working on the new one.

we take John and Emily to church camp Sunday for a week of camp.

Once we get them back from camp summer will slow down a whole bunch.  There isn't much else going on after that.

I'm glad.

Good night everyone!

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