Tuesday, June 21, 2011

When A Piggyback Ride Isn't........

Grant caught two turtles at the farm.

One was big.

But one was a baby.

So what is a boy with two turtles to do?

Take them on a piggyback  turtleback ride.

Grant thought this was great fun.  I'm not sure what the turtles thought of the whole event.

He fed them grass after their workout.  He just knew they were starving from all that exercise.

Before bedtime, we all said goodbye to the turtles.

He and Grace set them free at the back of our property.

Thanks for playing, turtles!!

Doesn't this look like John and Emily so many years ago?  Lots of people think these two are twins.

Yesterday in the car Grant and Grace were peacefully watching a movie when out of the silence I hear this........

Grant:  Hey mom, how come we can hear the words that we say?

I guess their minds really never do rest.  He has some funny questions sometimes.

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