Thursday, June 23, 2011

One more park we found

We found a new park to enjoy!  This one has a creek running right next to it.

You can see part of the creek in the background of these two pictures.  When the water is lower, people can wade across the entire width of the creek.

My kids would like to wade, but were a little intimidated by the rush of water running there right now.  They were more than willing to stay on the playground area.

It's a very isolated little park set in the midst of a great big park close to downtown.
I would love to have my kids' pictures taken there instead of in a studio, but don't know of anyone that will do that for less than a king's ransom!

I particularly liked this picnic pavilion.  It was very ornate inside.
Not sure why they would have gone to such effort to put such elaborate detail work in a public pavilion, but it sure is pretty on the inside anyway!


Ok, back to the kids now.......

They played for an hour or more

then as payment for shooting my whole morning instead of getting any work done at home, I made them sit and pose for me.......

unedited picture

my five minute edit on picnik.......

unedited shot.....

She likes to pose.  Most of the time I refuse to take her picture when she 'poses' for the camera, so she was LOVING this.

not so much!

He was whiffed that I made him sit still long enough to TAKE a picture of him, much less pose for it!!

They did cooperate for a few at the pavilion.....
I loved the columns. 



The rest are unedited.  I don't have time tonight to play anymore. 
I need to finish laundry tonight among other things that aren't nearly as fun as editing pictures.

You can see inside the pavilion in this picture.  If you look closely you can see a little of the detail work on the walls.  The tile floor was beautiful as well.  I didn't get any shots inside though.

What a place! They sure don't build things with this kind of character anymore!!


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