Thursday, June 2, 2011

Just another ordinary day

Just now.......

Grace:  Hey, mom.  Grant just found a new way to wash his hands.

Mom: (fearing the answer I would hear) Really!  How?

Grace:  He put them in the toilet water!

Mom:  GRANT!  Go wash your the SINK this time!!!

Oh gross!


Grace put swim caps on all of her animals the other day.

What did she make the swim caps out of?

Her silly putty!

The animals were going swimming with a boat load of pirates that happened to stop by.

They invited a few ducks over to join the party too! 

The ducks seem rather unhappy, don't you think?


While the party was going on in the other room, Grace and Grant dug into some shaving cream to play with for a while.

Grant took Mr. Dinosaur for a walk through the prehistoric foam.....

Kind of looks like 'dinosaur meets ice age'.....

Grace took her baby seal for a swim in the foamy ocean...

The worm picture has no relevance here.....

Grant just wanted me to take a picture of him with his friend one day....

so I did.

Worms may be on the endangered species list if my kid keeps catching them and tearing them into pieces.  I'm sure this guy met an unfortunate ending soon after these pictures were taken.

Boys with worms.....yuck!
Maybe he should go wash his hands in the toilet water when he's done with the worm!

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