Friday, December 14, 2012

And the next one falls...

Poor John.

Now he is home sick.  Grant missed Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week. 

Now it is John's turn to be home sick.

The worst part for John is that today is a big concert day for the school band.  The band and orchestra are both headed to Frankfort to perform a Christmas concert in the rotunda of the capitol building. 

Sadly for John, he will not be going.

The kids have worked very hard preparing for this.  John is first chair trumpet out of about twelve trumpet players.  I just saw a text on his phone from one of his classmates that the band director, Mr. P, is 'freaking out'.    I'm not sure who is more disappointed that he is missing the concert, John or Mr. P.

He had also been asked to accompany the orchestra on one piece of music that needed a trumpet.  I have no idea what they will do about that little issue.

Life really doesn't seem fair at times, especially when you're thirteen.  Cheer up, John.

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  1. Aw poor John. It is hard when you have worked so hard for something. I feel bad for him! Lets get this sick business all through your family now and not wait till Christmas though!!!!