Sunday, December 9, 2012

Cow - Candy - Christmas

Tell me which one you want your name stamped on.
Four of these go to market in three weeks.

David must speak 'Moo' fluently, otherwise I don't know how he got them to line up and pose so nicely.

I am excited to get some steaks!!
I guess that shows how incredibly mundane my life is most days.

Gathering for the daily Christmas Tree drawing.

Bet you can't tell how excited Grant gets during this event each day.

Here Grant is opening the next door to see who the lucky winner is.

Don't be impressed with the Christmas decorations...

instead be impressed with the clean floor!!

This tree is in the dining room/play room at the front of the house....
Excitement is building around here.
Today we stayed home from church.
Grant woke up in the middle of the night sick.
He has laid on the couch/slept in his bed all day with fever and generally not feeling good.
I am not sure why we have made family illness part of our Christmas tradition, but it seems like the Shupes cannot make it through the month of December without at least half of us sick at some point.
Being the loving caring mother that I am, I left my sick son in the care of his dad while Grace and I ran off for the afternoon.
I had tickets for the two of us to see The Nutcracker.
I took Emily to see it when she was about this age, so it was time for Grace to have a turn.
The reviews were mixed when we got home.
She enjoyed seeing the performance, but there is no doubt she was done long before the performance was.
She was ready to leave at intermission, but we stayed for the entire thing.
Grant is feeling better tonight, but I think he is going to be the first Shupe to miss a day of school this year.  I figure he will be home with me tomorrow.

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