Sunday, December 30, 2012

Missed Us?

We've been missing.
Some of us are missing more than others......
Grace has been working on a top tooth for several weeks now.
It was so wiggly that she could point it straight out to the front and even move it over the top of her other front tooth.
Finally, last night it popped out.
The tooth fairy dutifully dropped a dollar beneath Grace's pillow.
The other front tooth on top is wiggly now.  At the rate she loses teeth, she might have that one out by July!
We have been busy.
Grant had a birthday.
David had a birthday.
Christmas came and went.
We celebrated the birth of Jesus.
We've also been busy with this....

We've been babysitting.

This little lady came to live with us for a few weeks.
She is keeping us hopping!
The short story is we started doing a home study back in the spring to be foster parents for a private adoption agency.
This little gal came to live with us until her adoptive family can get the paperwork on her adoption finalized.
The kids have fallen in love with her.
So have David and I.
We will all be sad to see her go next week, but are so glad she has a forever family.
Maybe then I can get back to blogging!!

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