Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Growing Up Fast

August 10, 2012

Standing by Bella, the mare that took her away from the birth mare

The nurse mare a few weeks after we got her.
This is an extreme improvement from the condition she was in when we got her.
This is the nurse mare now.

October 2012
Snickers with the nurse mare

Snickers getting a lesson on wearing a halter

Learning to use a lead rope

Positive reinforcement

Eating big girl food with the nurse mare
Her coat is pretty dirty and rough from lying down to sleep in the grass, but she has really filled out and grown taller the past month.
Romeo looking wistfully at the bucket of feed being given to the mare and baby.

Snowball planning what new mischief he will get himself into.
A little late, but the first week of November David put our new fish in the pond.

Grant's buck impersonation

New run-in for the cows on the second pasture.

New cows will soon be added to the herd.
David is getting ready to buy some more to feed through the winter.

How many cows must a person own to be a cattle farmer?

I think David is close to having enough cows to qualify.

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