Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hello Old Friend

Friday after school we made our annual trek to the mall.
The first order of business was to visit the jolly man himself.
There he was in all of his red velveted splendor waiting to greet our kids.
I think this is the first year Grant has eagerly climbed onto his lap alone without the moral support of his sister nearby.
After discussing naughty vs nice and how good of a year they have had, Santa listened carefully to their wishes and dreams of toys for Christmas.
I love that he never promises to bring them things.  He only says he will see what he can do for them.
Santa really made a believer of Grace when he mentioned one of the teachers at her school by name.  She had on her school shirt which I am sure prompted the comment.
Grace was amazed though that he knew where she went to school and who worked there.
After we left Santa, we had our traditional Christmastime dose of Chinese food at the food court.
These kids can pack away some orange chicken and egg rolls I tell you!!
Then we finished the evening by picking out our angels from the Salvation Army Angel Tree and doing our shopping for our angels.
It has been a busy evening, but we got a lot done!!

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