Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Littlest Lumberjack

We've been busy.
Saturday we took a trip to the Christmas tree farm to select a tree for the kids.
Here we are perusing the options.

Final selection....

Here is our official tree cutter this year.
This is Grant, not to be confused with John who stopped wearing under things with pictures of gorillas on it a couple years ago.
John had to lend a helping hand though.
Grant wore out before he could finish.


Grant still had enough energy to show me his reindeer impersonation.

And off we went with our newly cut tree.
It is now standing in our front window decorated and ready for the season.
Saturday evening was our company Christmas party.
We held it at a new location this year.
Everyone had a fun time playing pool and ping pong and visiting.
Today was spent decorating the new Christmas tree and baking more than a dozen batches of cookies that I had mixed up Friday.
The house smells of cookies and evergreen.
It's beginning to look a lot (more) like Christmas!

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