Thursday, December 13, 2012

Look Who's Six

Six years ago
(though it seems like yesterday)
I was taking care of this little chunk.


Not much has changed in six years.
Now he is just a MUCH BIGGER chunk!
Today has been a busy day for Grant.
I took in treats for his class and he picked a book to take to school that I read to the class as well.
I had a parent/teacher conference with his teacher while I was there.
She says he already is doing everything that she should be teaching him the rest of this year.
She explained that he is driven to be first at everything including his seatwork.
She told me he is kind and thoughtful with a streak of silliness mixed in for good measure.
She told me he is going to do just fine in life.
I told her I knew all of that because
Grant is just like his dad.
we headed to the doctor's office for a six year check-up because our favorite pediatrician in the whole wide world works at our local office on Thursdays.
Isn't a visit to the doctor what all kids want to do on their birthday?
Dr. Belza gave Grant the thumbs up for good health.
After his appointment, we went home to gather the family.
Grant decided to eat out for his birthday.
Fazoli's was the restaurant of choice.
We then returned home to celebrate with cake and presents.
Grant wanted a dinosaur cake again this year.
He picked the colors...including the purple claws.
Here's the one from last year's party.
I liked the green one better.
He was very proud of his cake this year.
In typical six year old boy fashion, Grant thought it was funny to put his candle in the dinosaur's eye.
Partying hard at the Shupe household...
Then it was on to opening presents.

The truck he wanted for birthday.....
Thank you Grandma for the package.
He was very excited to see his presents.
He still is not feeling super great.
Today was his first day back at school, and of course it was a busy day too.
He was worn out by bedtime, but he fell asleep with a smile still on his face.
Happy Birthday, Grant!!!

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