Friday, December 12, 2014

Count down to

Grace and Grant took Tinkerbell-Grace for a walk. I believe they turned a few heads. I saw one or two people stop and talk to them. 

I would hate to know exactly how people perceive us. I'm sure we score high on the crazy scale. Bunnies on leashes only reaffirm that perception. 

Maybe some day they will find a cure for our special kind of crazy. 

Actually we have been counting down days to Grant's birthday. He turns eight tomorrow. 

His cake is baked and ready to decorate.   Bet you couldn't guess it is a Pokemon cake. 

I caught him eating the part I trimmed. 

John and Emily clean the offices at ECO. Sometimes Grace and Grant are there while they clean. 

While they wait, Grace and Grant like to draw on the whiteboard. Grace draws horses.

And Grant?
Pokemon. You're surprised. I know. 

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