Wednesday, December 10, 2014

O Christmas Tree

How lovely are thy branches!

The beauty of the tree is inversely proportional to its proximity to the road. 

Grant wanted to cut down the chosen tree.  So he sawed. 

And he sawed. 

AND he sawed. 

Grace helped a little bit too, but John was the finisher. He made the final cut. 

Then it was off to drag the tree
The approximately 13.6 miles across the field to the road.  

You would think they would learn to pick a tree closer to where we park the truck but alas we are destined to tromp through the entire Christmas tree forest in search of the perfect one!

All that exertion earned Grant a piece of fudge before heading home. 

The tree is up and decorated. Grace modeled the latest in Christmas fashion. It is a SKIRT after all!

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