Sunday, December 7, 2014

Good news! It's Twins!

Twin cars, that is.
These were taken back in the summer after vacation.  We traded my Denali in for a used one just like it.  I liked my car, it just had too many miles on it.  It was time to trade.

No one even noticed we traded.
Speaking of twins.....
I had a call from the Missouri office of Love Basket a couple weeks back.  They were trying to place two year old boy/girl twins in foster care in Louisville.
Would we be interested in taking them?
It took one phone call to David and exactly one nanosecond to say YES, we would take them!
It fell through because the placing agency did not have a Kentucky license, and the agency we work for did not want to assume custody of the kids for whatever reasons decisions like that must be made.
I just pray that whatever happened, the kids are safe and happy whether with foster parents or back home with birth parents.  Every child deserves that much.
Good news on the medical front.
I met with the oncologist Friday to go over the results of my latest scans.
There was nothing on the scan that concerned them.
I repeat scans again in six months. 
That kind of news makes for a great Christmas.
For now, I hope you have had a beautiful weekend. 
We have.

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