Sunday, December 14, 2014

The World's Most Expensive Paperweight

Look who is eight years old. 

He stayed up until midnight Friday night so I could kiss a seven year old one last time at 11:59. His idea, not mine. 

We celebrated at the farm with cake, cards and gifts. A party is postponed until summer. He wants to take a friend to Six Flags instead. 

And the birthday present?

A slot car track with race cars and Mario and Luigi cars too. He loves it!

Someone else has a new toy even though it isn't her birthday. 

Emily just forked over a pile of cash for a new laptop. 

She wasn't amused when I told her she had actually purchased a paperweight that takes three or four years to be fully functional. 

She was even less amused when I told her it was multifunctional because it could double as a doorstop. 

The truth hurts. 

It has been a good weekend at the zoo. Hope yours has been a good one too!  


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