Thursday, December 18, 2014

Lemonade Out Of Lemons

I cannot figure out how or WHY my phone insists on downloading all 2000 pictures from a single file when I backup my phone.  More importantly I can't figure out how to STOP it from happening.  It is annoying to say the least. 

BUT since I have a million old pictures to pick from, Throwback Thursday has been a lot of fun. 

Enjoy another walk down memory lane with me. 

By the way, thank you Simms
Family for letting us have your son for a couple days. We will take good care of him. 

Today's post was sponsored by Apple and the unfathomable technology that I have yet to master. 

See you next week for another edition of Throwback Thursday since I seem to be at an impasse with my phone and picture  downloading issues. 


  1. Awesome!! Glad you are having technology trouble!!! Now send my boy home - I am ready for him to be here! :)


  2. My favorite part of this post has to be the throwback of outfits. I totally rocked that tucked in turtleneck.