Friday, December 5, 2014

It's All In How You Look At It

My loss is Bella's gain. I used to have garland to decorate the mantle.

And now?

I have an awesome cat bed.

That's okay, Bella.  You can keep it.

Mario and Princess Peach were married this week.  

I wonder why grace and grant keep marrying off all of their toys lately!  Hmmmmmm. 

I just packaged up and sold about twenty jars of syrup.  The buyer was giving them as Christmas gifts. I think I have less than a gallon left.  Soon we'll be firing up the burners to boil a new batch. I must say I was skeptical that we could sell it all, but it looks like we will at this rate.  It has been fun, and definitely it has been a learning experience..

Pictures from a trail ride at the farm last Saturday. David and I took Grace and Emily out. John and Grant hung out at the house. The weather was beautiful. I hope we have good weather this weekend too.

I think I have about caught up on pictures.  I'll stop posting such random nonsense and get back to important things like decorating......

Ummmmm, maybe not.

Happy Friday!

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