Monday, December 15, 2014

Thank You, Santa!

I appreciate the dedication of men who year after year create magic for those who believe.

As I watched Grace and Grant tell the jolly old man what they hoped to get for Christmas,
I wondered how many more years they will climb onto Santa's lap believing.

They have sat on his lap every year since they were babies.

Grace 4 years old - Grant 2 years old

Is it too much to hope for one more?

Grace asked for an American Girl doll. guessed it......


Grant is a very independent little guy.  If he thinks he can do something by himself, he is all for trying.  Sometimes this is terrific like when he wants to make his own breakfast or fold his own laundry.  It saves me time and he learns valuable lessons.

Other times it doesn't save me much time, but it still teaches valuable lessons....

like don't try the Mentos in Coke bottle rocket trick unless you are OUTSIDE!!!!

One boy, one bottle of coke and one package of mentos adds up to one big mess in the kitchen.
Thankfully he didn't understand to drop the mentos into the bottle of coke.  He poured coke into a glass then added mentos.

Otherwise I would have been cleaning soda off the ceiling or possibly patching a hole in it.


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