Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Post With No Title Because I Can't Think Of A Good One!

Grace and Grant's swim instructor....
You can tell they don't like him very much  can't you?  Mr. Kevin is not only a great teacher, he is amazingly sweet to the kids. 
Right now there is only one other little boy in their swim class. He misses class frequently so Grace and Grant get a lot of  one on one instruction. I won't be surprised if Grace chooses to continue swimming after they finally kick her out of the program at All About Kids. She technically graduated from the program already but I reenrolled her because Grant isn't through the entire program. That, and I'm too lazy to take them two separate places for their swim lessons.  Mr. Kevin has been great to teach Grace what she needs to work on so she can continue to progress. 

Speaking of progress....
The kids are counting down the days to Christmas. The advent tree is in use. So far the lucky winners have had to settle for gum and candy. I've not been too creative with treats. I'll have to step up my game the next week or two. 

In honor of Throwback Thursday, i thought you might enjoy a walk with me down memory lane...

First boat we bought after getting married


And a few of my favorite people

Taking a break while boating in the Gulf. This was the day we tried to get far enough from shore to lose sight of land. We chickened out before we accomplished our goal. 

Happy Thursday!

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