Monday, March 23, 2015

Before and after

9:00 this morning

9:30 this morning
Do you notice anything missing?

Braces came off today. She considered this a terrific birthday present. I should have saved my money and not bought her a gift!

Speaking of gift....

Here is what ten year old girls want for their birthday. It is a horse stable. 

Ten year old girls also want chocolate cake instead of decorated sheet cakes. 

Mothers of ten year old girls are much appreciative of this development. Cake decorating was fun about two kids ago. I'm too busy now to really enjoy it. 

So no more nine year old girls in our zoo and no more creatures with braces. 

I would turn a cartwheel for sheer joy. 

Except I stopped turning cartwheel about twenty years ago. 

I think I'll celebrate with a nice long nap instead. 


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