Sunday, March 22, 2015

Up and Downs

We had a lot of ups and downs today. 

Most of them took place on the teeter totter. (That word looks really weird spelled out.)

Grace and Emily went for a ride with David and me today. Beautiful day for a first ride this year. 

After we rode, the girls helped get saddles off and hosed down the horses. It's nice that they can be real help. 

In other firsts for the year, we enjoyed our first hot dog over a fire tonight. 
This would have been more exciting if we had not eaten hot dogs for lunch today too. 

Today was open house at slugger field. Free lunch and a chance to see parts of the stadium usually off limits. We picked up our season tickets. Come enjoy a game with us this summer!

I worked book fair at school last week. One day grant came to pick books while I was there. This was the only book he wanted. 

This boy is serious about his women. I am not sure I am prepared for his teenage years. The thought scares me. He already has his girlfriend selected and is trying to figure what movie they should see on their first date. 

Speaking of first date....our not yet sixteen year old son went on a real boyfriend/girlfriend date to see a movie Friday night.  I am certain I am not ready for this stage of parenting. Oh well. Looks  like I'm there whether I'm ready or not. 

They had a good time. 


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