Thursday, March 5, 2015

That puberty thing again

Grant is hitting puberty a few years early. He proudly proclaimed that he had grown chest hair. 

Can't see it?

How about now?  
I think he cheated and drew it on. He wanted to "grow" more chest hair and some whiskers. I nixed the idea pretty quickly. 

I am tired of snow. We have another 16-18 inches on top of what we still had on the ground from the last snow. I am so ready for spring. And once again, school goes until June 6 because of multiple snow days...nine and counting. There goes summer break. 

Speaking of school. Grace found out her science fair project did not get sent to district this year. She was disappointed, but we are so proud of her.  She did get a perfect score on it, so that is reason enough to celebrate. 

John performed in the solo and ensemble contest last Saturday. 

Parents are not allowed in the performance rooms, so I listened from the hall. 

He sounded really good on his solo. He also performed a duet with a friend from band that plays French horn. He received a 1 on both performances. That is the top score possible. Of course since I am a loser parent I had to give him grief about getting such a low score. He was quick to point out the scoring is done with a 1 bein high and 4 being low. 

In farm news we have lost seven baby goats to cold weather. No survivors. I can't wait to get a barn done so we have shelter for things like this. One momma still hasn't given birth. I hope she holds on for another week. 

We tapped trees last weekend for syrup. 

So far we have roughly two hundred gallons of sap to boil. 

Let's hope that new evaporator does its job well. 

Stay warm!

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