Monday, March 23, 2015

Whirlwind Weekend

So the crazy meter was reading pretty high around the zoo this weekend. 

To celebrate Grace's birthday we had a group of girls over for a sleepover Friday night. 

There was pizza. 

There were cupcakes (made by Kroger).

There was a lot of giggling and playing. 

And there were boys!
Just to add to the fun Grant had a friend spend the night too. 

These two did everything they could to avoid the partiers.
Nice pose, John! He was imitating the girls. 

 My last post which posted on the wrong day floated in cyberspace for a day before showing up on the blog. We did go to the farm Saturday and Sunday after the sleepover kids left and after the baseball open house. Busy weekend to say the least. 

When John wasn't posing like a girl, he was busy restacking rocks at the farm. 
This looks much better than it did. It is a flower bed in the front yard. 

We worked a lot and played a lot too. More later. I'm off to chauffeur kids for a while. 

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