Saturday, March 7, 2015

Sap to syrup

I might be skipping a few steps here, but you get the idea. 

Wake up. Take a picture of the sun coming up. (This step is optional)

Collect sap. (This step is required)

Throw a few snowballs for good measure. 

Admire the pretty snow. 

Start a fire. 

Tell Remington to not eat firewood. 



Add some more firewood. 

Ice a cake. 

Wait some more. 

Watch some more. 

Bake brownies because the cake is gone. 


Keep waiting. 

Sorry to disappoint.

We didn't have enough sap to pull any finished syrup off today. We boiled for six hours today.  That much sap took about thirty-six hours to do last year. 

Our pans are larger this year, so we will not have any finished syrup until we cook another hundred gallons of sap. Then we will pull sap continuously until we stop for the year. 

Mother Nature isn't cooperating. Temperatures have been way too cold this past week. Next week the temps will be way too warm. Because of these two factors we won't get much syrup this year, but we definitely are more efficient going forward. No more around the clock cooking marathons. 

Gotta go throw another log on the fire. Stay warm!

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