Friday, October 30, 2015

Havin' Fun

 Field Day was just about perfect this year.  The weather was warm and sunny.  The kids had a great time competing in fifteen different events. 

Grant is wearing the red shirt....HAHA

 He's still one of the tallest kids in his class.  Other boys are starting to catch him though.  Last year he was head and shoulders taller than a majority of his classmates.
I don't think anyone will ever mistake Grant for being petite.

 Here Grace was having a little fun with the hula hoops.  She is on the left.  Even the boys were doin' the hula.

 Relay races.  Grant in red shorts.

 As always, Mr. Skeleton enjoyed his month of fame.  Grant and Grace (and maybe a few others) have taken turns  scrambling Mr. Skeleton's bones.

I think Grant gets the grand prize (not that there is one, but IF there was a grand prize it would definitely go to Grant) for creativity this year.

 He made a kitten skeleton.  Definitely creative.  Probably a little weird too.

 We submitted Grace's application for middle school this week.  She has to apply to get into the middle school/high school track that John and Emily are in.  We will not know the results until early next year. 

As she sits at her desk working on homework (and being bothered by me) I am amazed at how grown up she looks.

Today was Tie-dye day at school - "Peace Out To Drugs" -
Not sure but I thing the message got lost in translation on this day...
Anyway, our kids wore tie-dye shirts.  I'll assume they know drugs are bad no matter what the messaging was for the day.

 Mr. Bones went for a jeep ride.  It was pretty cold. You guessed it.  He got chilled to the bone.


And in case our Love Basket case worker doesn't think we're crazy already, this is what she found when she did our home study.  I'm guessing by the fourth home study she is painfully aware of our mental state.

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