Sunday, January 17, 2016

Guard Dogs


had the dogs in a frenzy this week.

 Our faithful guard dogs alerted me to an intruder in the back yard. 
They were begging to be released.  Wanting to tear the offender limb from limb.

The offending party seemed unphased by their hystronics.

 Soon the game of taunting the dogs grew old.  Off she ambled to find another more peaceful yard. 

 Good dogs.  Now go lie down and be quiet.

One goat sold today.  The tiny little goat found a new home as a pet.  Tom and Janet were very excited to add her to their ever increasing farm yard family.  They purchased two goats from us last year and were looking to expand their herd again.  We enjoyed seeing the goats we sold them last year.  Oh my, how they have grown!

We have been busy today.  We went to early church this morning.  David and I then took off for the farm.  I pruned the orchard while he fed livestock. Grace has a friend from school over today.  John took his Sunday School class to see the new Star Wars movie.  Emily spent the afternoon napping. (I'm jealous!)  David is enjoying watching the Steelers play on television, and I am getting things caught up. It has been a very pleasant day.

Bonus points are being awarded to no one in particular for schools being closed tomorrow.  No 5:30 alarm in the morning. (Yeah!)

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