Saturday, January 23, 2016

My Assistant

Jet has picked a new favorite spot to hang out when I work in the office.  The old favorite spot used to be perched on my lap.  That presented challenges. He was a pretty grumpy assistant.  If I moved even slightly, he would express his disapproval with a growl or hiss.

 So initially I was very happy Jet picked a new location from which to supervise my work.

 But I must say he has become a bit of a pest.  With a flick of his tail he reorganizes the papers on my desk.  A fine talent indeed, but we do not have the same organizational priorities.
In addition, he is now using my touch screen monitor as a head rest.  Touch screens respond to even the touch of cat fur.  Great if you're a cat.  Not if you're a human trying to get real things accomplished!

Jet will be shocked when he gets fired from his job as office assistant.

I wonder if cats can draw unemployment.


 Snow Day Tea Party

Grace found my old tea sets while rummaging in the attic.
So of course we had to have a tea party with them.

 Look who joined the unemployed cat.

Tracing Pokemon - new favorite activity

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