Wednesday, January 13, 2016

True Confessions

 I am a PRECRASTINATOR.  It's a real diagnosis.  Look it up.

What does that mean?

A precrastinator is a person who has the urge to get everything done in advance. The term was coined to explain why some people do things sooner than they really need to be done, even if it costs them more time and energy.

The following are some other signs that you may be a precrastinator:
  • You park in the first empty spot you see, even if it means a longer walk back from the store later carrying groceries
  • Replying immediately to email or voice mail messages
  • Paying bills long before they are due
  • You pull out your house keys 15 minutes before arriving home
  • Arriving almost everywhere early
  • Constantly clearing your desk
  • You love to "check the box" next to items on the nice, neat to-do list
  • You turn in homework or work assignments early
  • You start things before getting the complete list of instructions
  • You mail in items for submission well before the cut-off date
  • On a highway, merging into a lane too early
  • Always running a few quick errands
  • You can't relax until you get everything on your list done
This last point has become my downfall with blogging.  I never get my to-do list done, so I never feel like I have free time to blog.

I start my ten step PA (Precrastinators Anonymous) class tomorrow.  If that does not work, I will be checking myself into rehab.  I have already made the reservation and packed my bag just in case. :-)

Oh, OKAY already!!  Enough excuses.  I'll try to start posting more regularly.  No more excuses.

Farm life....

Hanging out at the new barn

Watching Dad work

At this age work still seems like fun

But at John's age, work seems like, well, like work!!
I don't think the older two kids are nearly as excited about the barn as Grace and Grant.
John has learned a bit about carpentry. 

We are off to the farm this weekend to continue working.  I hope to get a few more pictures to share.

Some barn pictures may be shot from a whole new angle. 
David bought   his own Christmas present     a very useful tool for the farm....

 What is it, you ask?

It's not a bird.  And it's not a plane.

 It's a drone.  And he uses it for "herd management".

Yeah.  Right.
That thing has toy written all over it. style.

Grace gives new meaning to "bad hair day".  Her hair is a work of art when she wakes in the morning.

It's a talent she has possessed since she was little. See?

I will work on controlling my precrastinating tendencies and getting back to blogging.

Wish me luck.

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