Sunday, January 3, 2016

Missed moments

I've been absent. Well, I've been absent from blogging. But I've been present with my family for lots of great moments.

The most recent was a birthday we celebrated  belatedly at the farm. We spent Friday and Saturday working on the barn and cutting/cleaning trails. It's so satisfying to see the product of our labor but exhausting too. It's a good kind of tired though. 

No pictures of the trails we cut to our maple groves, but I do have pictures of the progress on the barn. David has been hard at work on it. 

Feed lots are taking shape. 

One lean-to has a roof now. Other lean-to should be up this week. 

Stalls are taking shape. 

Feed room and tack room are up, lacking only lights inside of each room. 

So not much blogging lately but still a lot going on. Maybe I can catch up again now that kids are in school. 

We hope you each had a merry Christmas and enjoyed celebrating the birth of Jesus with your own families. 

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