Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Voices In My Head

Grace - "Don't worry about the Mouse-mobile smelling bad.  I sprayed perfume in it to cover the smell."
Me -  "Thanks, Grace.  That was nice of you."

The Voice In My Head - "I'll try to control my gag reflex as your Agave Papaya Sunset Body Spray mingles with the mouse urine smell.  How many bottles did you spray in here?"

John - he gets into the car... Emily was driving home from school... "Can I have two seatbelts??"

Me -  "Now John.  You know your sister is a good driver.  Leave her alone!"

The Voice In My Head - "But, son, she only scares me half to death.  Your driving  puts me into full cardiac arrest.

Local News Person - "School will be closed again tomorrow.  Stay inside and stay safe."

Grant - "Awesome!!!  No school again tomorrow! What are we going to do?"

Me -  "How about we bake some cookies.  Then we can play games and watch a movie while eating popcorn.  Maybe we can go play in the snow and build another snowman!"

The Voice In My Head - "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!  Not again!!!!!!!!"

Grace - " I love you mom.  You're my best friend."

Me -  "Thanks, Grace.  I love you too."

The Voice In My Head - "Someday I'm gonna miss this."

Someday I AM going to miss this.  Until then, I just wish it would STOP SNOWING and school would reopen.  I. am. going. crazy.  Ten kids here at once today playing, running in and out of the house and having fun.

Plus the appliance repairman that I am now friends with because he has fixed my "new" dishwasher so many times.  That thing needs a good swift kick in the water pipes.  The repairman even considered staying long enough to share the chicken pot pie I was baking for lunch.  He decided he had already visited too long.  We don't say good-bye anymore....instead I say "see you next time".

Plus I had two different plumbers in today looking at my too-new-to-be causing-so-much-trouble- water heater.  It too needs a good swift kick in the water pipes.  I think we have that problem solved.  Fingers crossed!!

I am now going to my room.  Partly to escape the chaos I call home this week.  Mostly to tackle the mountain of laundry that sits neglected on my bedroom floor.

Wish me luck!

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