Monday, September 12, 2016

Airing Our Dirty Laundry

After working at the farm, David will shower before returning to his more civilized life in the big city.

In typical man fashion the dirty clothes are dropped NEAR the hamper...not IN the hamper.

This is a veritable cornucopia of scents for the cat to enjoy.  I will find him buried head first in David's dirty clothes enjoying the many smells of the farm.
The cat and I obviously have very different views on dirty laundry.

Who needs a live nativity scene when they can have live home decor? 
Yes.  That's a cat curled up on the shelf.  I wish he would place himself a little more centered.
 My OCD tendencies were kicking in.

Speaking of OCD

Do they have a personal grudge against L M and N??
 No one at church can tell me why L M and N were left off the board.
And trust me when I say I have asked a lot of people.

This is the room where women's Bible studies meet.
My mind wanders quite often from deep Biblical truths being taught 
to ponder where the missing letters might have gone!

I've found a new way to search for picture files on my computer.
When I search by number, I find all pictures with that particular number.
Sometimes I get pretty distracted looking at the older pictures.

Here's a few of my recent favorite distractions...

Grant had a serious love of slides when he was younger...

When an actual slide wasn't available, he would improvise.  
Doesn't everyone use hotel ironing boards as slides?

Happy Monday!!

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