Saturday, September 10, 2016

In My Next Life....

In my next life I am going to develop allergies to pets.
Then I won't have to clean up after the zoo.
I swear I vacuum up enough hair each week to make a whole new dog...or at least a really big stuffed pillow!  Someone needs to market dog fur and cat fur instead of goose down. Talk about your untapped resource!  

This is love.  She sits on his lap even after he falls asleep.

In my next life I am going to be a taxi driver.  I can get paid for the thousands of miles I log hauling kids around town. When I am transporting one of my four favorite passengers, I often wonder what I will do with all of my free time someday when no one needs my taxi.

This isn't very loving...they weren't very happy with each other when I took this.

In my next life I will double major in psychology and counseling.  Then I can double bill my kids for not only taxi services but for counseling services as well.  It seems that sitting in a car looking out a windshield allows much more honest conversation.  I learn a lot about their lives while shuttling people to and fro.

But totally out of character for these two, THEY WERE GETTING ALONG!! (GASP!)

In my next life I'm going to invent a mute button for people.  Enough said.

In my next life there will definitely be a money tree in my back yard.  It will grow next to the jelly bean tree that Grant dreams of growing.  At nine years old, his heart still gets in the way of his logic.  He is completely convinced that his dreamed of jelly bean tree is only one short jelly bean seed away from being a reality.

In my next life I am  probably not going to do any of the above.  I've got a pretty sweet life just like it is!

Last weekend for the pool.
Don't mind that's just me doing a happy dance!!

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