Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Picture Overload

Not much to say, but I'll share some old pictures from summer. 

Because Grace grew almost three inches in as many months
she needed a new bicycle.

And Grant was not about to let his sister get a new bicycle without getting one for himself.
Here's proof Grace has surpassed Grant in height.
He can barely touch the ground while riding his new bike.

John joined us for a bike ride to test the kids' new wheels.

Hanging out at the mall...

because sometimes air conditioning is more important than what we actually do for entertainment.

And for the record...
they really don't know the rules to chess well.
But they argue about it like they're professional players!!!

When your dog gives you those sad puppy dog eyes....
 which was pretty easy to do considering he's a dog.
He never gets locked in a kennel, so he was totally confused by this development.

When words aren't necessary....

 Awkward family moments
which is worse....
being seen by the pediatrician when you are seventeen
being seen by the pediatrician at the same time as your twin?
 I took the picture to aggravate Emily.   It worked very well.


they were only there for shots....thus the coed arrangement.

 She is seriously addicted.
 To Bath & Body Works

 David teasing Grant about his long shaggy hair this summer.
I stayed completely out of this argument.

 Grant was left at the mercy of his dad while I was out of town for two weeks.

And this is what happened.

Though he never wanted his hair short, I think Grant likes his new haircut.

 When your friend gets to take Panera's unsold bread at the end of the day, 
this is what we eat for dinner...and breakfast...and lunch...for a week!

 Snow Cones for the win!!!

Okay.  That's enough for one day.  Now back to work. Me.  Not you.  You can work if you want.

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