Tuesday, September 6, 2016

And so.....

life goes on.

And wow does it go on at warp speed!  We spent a few days visiting with family during Labor Day weekend.  And now we are home and in full swing with school activities and church commitments.

Let's cover the important things first.

Happy 50th birthday to you Jean! ;-)

Grace has open house tonight.  Since our kids have never attended this middle school, David and I will make the rounds tonight meeting teachers and introducing ourselves as Grace's parents.  Isn't it funny how in life we go from being someone's child to someone's parent?  Maybe one of these days I can just be someone! ;-)

John is in charge of Raider Team as part of his ROTC CSM duties.  He is loving this even though it has his time stretched to the limit.  In addition he is also doing jazz band and teaching a Sunday School group for middle schoolers.  All of this while working at Taco Bell and carrying four AP classes.  Yes.  He's busy to say the least.

Emily is only slightly behind John in the overbooked department.  She is participating in an after school volunteer program at school and participates in FCA and Latin club.  She is still working at Arby's and volunteering most Sundays in the nursery at church.  She also carries an AP load that makes me cringe when I look at her schedule.... including anatomy, psychology and Latin 4.  She's way past any help I can offer her.

Grant is simply plugging along being the best fourth grader he knows how to be.  Some days that's pretty awesome.  Some days we are just glad he's got three older siblings to pave the way.  Their reputation has probably smoothed a few ripples Grant has managed to make for himself.  That's okay though.  He's awesomely fun and amazingly good at math.  It makes a great combination.

I am slowly digging my way out from under the piles on my desk.  Many projects and tasks were dropped quite unexpectedly when Mom became ill.  I am starting to feel like I'm catching up.  It's a good feeling.

For those who managed to read through my long exposition today, I will reward you with some totally random pictures from my camera.  Yeah.  You're welcome!

Actually I was kidding.  Happy 60th birthday Grandma!!

 The entrepreneurial spirit runs high in this house. Grace and Grant  left this flyer in mailboxes up and down the street.

 Look who was waiting in bed the other night...

 This is what ECO's front office looks like when it has water all over the floor.  The sprinkler system decided to spring a leak a few weeks ago.
 What is it with us and water?!
Things have since been put back together and are up and running again.

Grant is definitely Type-A like his daddy.  Look at the careful arrangement of monster trucks....

The only thing Grant loves more than organizing toys is loving on Bella.

I did not get a picture of Grant getting on the bus the first day of school.

 But I DID get a picture from the second day of school!!!  Yeah!!

Seriously though...happy 70th birthday Grandma. Let's stop there and leave them guessing, huh??!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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