Thursday, September 22, 2016


What is the most effective way to teach Grace about math?

Give her a twenty dollar bill and send her to Bath & Body Works.

She came out with exactly thirty-eight cents and enough bottles of sanitizer and lotion to clean and moisturize our entire family.

That's some pretty good calculating on her part!

How do I ensure my last shred of sanity will not survive the coming months?

Option A...
Deal with two teenagers who find me incredibly old fashioned and out of touch 
while they juggle school, jobs, extra-curricular activities and a social life
And for you observant ones...
Yes, he's watching Family Guy while doing homework.
Don't judge.  

Don't judge ME.  Feel free to judge HIM!

Option B...

Adopt the frog clinging to John's bedroom window desperate to become part of the zoo

Option C...
 Buy Grant a new musical instrument

None of those sound like very good options. 
 I picked A and C. 

 The teenagers are here to stay for another year.
They might as well learn to love me.  

And Grant was joining band whether he wanted to or not.  
Too much research supports the link between music and strong academic performance. 

 He picked saxophone.
His logic for that choice?

He reasoned that Dad knows how to play trombone.  Mom plays clarinet.  John plays trumpet and piano.  Emily plays oboe.  Grace plays flute.  The saxophone would give the Shupe Family Band a well rounded sound. 

Excellent logic.

Unless you are considering the financial impact of his choice. 
You see, we own all of the instruments previously named with the exception of a saxophone.

Until now. 
Now we own a sax too.
 Aren't we lucky?

As for the frog....
 I refused to let John bring the frog inside.

We need another pet like Starbucks needs another store.

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