Wednesday, September 21, 2016

What a Pair!

I have been sorting pictures

 of John and Emily.

It will come as no surprise that I have found this very enjoyable 

and very time consuming

 because I spend way too much time looking at pictures totally irrelevant to my purpose.

And what is that purpose?
Well, thanks for asking!

The school yearbook sells baby/buddy ads to help support their program.

So I'm looking for pictures to put in their yearbook.

I am simply trying to be a good parent and do my part to support our school.

I do this by selecting only the most embarrassing pictures.

None of which I am posting here

I will make them wait to see what I have selected.

It's hard to believe how grown up they are.

Or that they will leave for college next fall.

I'm excited to watch them enter a new stage of life.

And I'm glad I took a lot of pictures through the years.

I'll stop posting pictures now before your retinas start to bleed.

 Well, OKAY...
I had to include ONE embarrassing photo!!

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