Thursday, September 29, 2016

Boats - ROTC - Bedrooms

Fall ski trip
John taking a turn...

You know the routine by now.  We never ski before Labor Day. Don't ask me why. 
It's never intended to happen that way.  It's just the way it is.

 David getting ready to ski.
 There aren't many pictures of him skiing.  
I always forget to assign picture taking to one of the kids while I'm driving the boat.

We've made it to the lake two or three times this fall.  The weather has been beautiful.
We tried last week to go one more time before cooler fall weather ends our season.

Grant jumped in to ski and made one pass before the boat decided to break down.
We made a very slow trip back to the dock with the engine cover raised so the engine would not overheat.
Not a very fun trip for the kids, 
but hey, when you have a boat, 
you can guarantee you'll have boat repair bills.

And with that sort of logic
let me show you the newest Shupe boat.
I see a lot of boat repair bills in our future.

ROTC Raider Team Competition
 The team

One of the obstacles from the competition

Being one of the big guys on the team,
John went over the wall first and then helped pull other teammates over the top.
 He loves these competitions.
I consider them a highly civilized form of torture.

 Crazy hamster update...
Jeff and Jessie are both doing well.  Neither has escaped yet. Yeah!!!
 But both are so crazy.  Grace and Grant put them in the tub to play with them right now.

 We don't offer a best bunk award at home.
But if we did, guess who would win.

This isn't even a close second.
 This is what happens when your son works until ten o'clock at night and then comes home to do two hours of homework. He might or might not have overslept the next morning had it not been for his sweet sister taking pity on him and waking him up.

Love you, John!!

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