Tuesday, October 24, 2017

And Baby Makes Three!

Not a family of three...but three different babies we've loved on recently...

Our trip to St. Louis involved much loving on the new cousins/niece/nephew.

We never dreamed
that we would soon be loving on a baby of our own.

After two years without a foster child, 
it seemed crazy to get the call last week
 that a baby needed temporary placement.
 Special thanks to MR. BONES for his 
portrayal of our two year drought 
with no foster babies.

Quickly we dusted off the baby gear
and geared ourselves up for the roller coaster ride
known as foster parenting.

Baby A was a sweet little guy.
Even the college kids came home to give him some love.

He kept us amused with his sweet funny faces.

 And his very uncoordinated fascination
with his thumb and fingers.

But after one short week and much sooner than we would have wanted,
we said goodbye to our newest family member
as he left to begin his new life with his forever family.
Being adopted is so exhausting!!

So now we sit

and wait patiently for another chance
to love one of these little guys.

Let's hope it's not another two years
before that happens!
We love you, Baby A!

And, yes, Mr. Bones found his way into my house last week.
He's been one very busy skeleton already this year!

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