Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Random Tomato Pictures

So I decide on Monday to begin blogging again.

And on Tuesday my internet connection dies.
Maybe that's a sign.

on with the blog post today!

Since I am so incredibly far behind, I'm not even pretending to put posts in any kind of logical order.  You might see Fourth of July pictures following Halloween picture.
Work with me here.

Anyway, the pictures hanging out on my computer desktop were the easiest to grab today.

For you viewing pleasure,
I will share pictures of the approximately one million tomatoes I canned this year.
All were picked from our own garden.
That felt pretty awesome.


And more!

I think I canned nonstop for about six weeks.
It would be safe to say I now hate tomatoes.

But I love

tomato juice
pasta sauce
pizza sauce 

I canned about eight gallons of each.

Like I said...
approximately a million tomatoes.

1 comment:

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