Friday, October 13, 2017

Stilllll Blogging! YAY!

Say hello to Silas.

His momma stays busy taking care of Silas and his new baby sister, Star.  

Sometimes Silas and Star come to visit our family.
Silas and Star have spent many hours at our house this summer.
We love doing this so their momma can
have a blessed moment's peace for once
get some things done.

Silas loves our cats.
(refer to picture above)

Our cats DO NOT love Silas.
(refer to picture above)

Waaaay back in April Emily helped me with my high school PTSA duties.
I was in charge of the Clothing Assistance Program for their school.
This is one of the loads of donated clothing we collected through the year
at John and Emily's high school.

In May, I retired from PTSA duties.

My new goal is to NOT be on another school PTA board.
I have eight years left before I have reached my goal!

One of the percussion ensembles John performed in
during the spring semester at school

That's John in the center of the back row.
He's wearing the black shirt.😋

Mr. Elf met an untimely death.

Want to guess who the guilty party was??

Here's Grace holding Tinkerbell-Grace, the rabbit.
 Do you think Grace has any regrets with her rabbit's name selection nine years ago?
I guess I shouldn't judge seeing as how Grace was only two years old at the time.

(the rabbit)
(just to be clear who we are talking about)
is not doing well.

He now has a permanently crooked neck
and holds his head at odd angles.

So I searched the internet.

It's a real thing.  
Look it up.

You totally just googled 'rabbit head tilt'.
Didn't you!

You would think they could give it a more medical sounding name like

They obviously don't think rabbit diseases deserve such lofty names.

So our rabbit has head tilt.  It probably isn't going away.
I'm guessing Mr. Rabbit does not have much longer with us.

Almost ten years is a pretty good run

for a rabbit

that was supposed to live four or five years.

Grant showing off the quiver for his arrows.
He made it himself from materials found at ECO.

 And Grant eating at one of his favorite restaurants....Waffle House.
The boy is definitely easy to please with his food choices!

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