Sunday, October 29, 2017

Fall Fun - Boating

Of course the boat did not make it into the water before the month of August.

 But we managed a few trips.
John and Emily got to boat with us before leaving for college.

But this is not John and Emily....
John's girlfriend, Rhiane, spent the day with us on the boat.

 Even after being stuck on a boat for many hours with our family,
Rhiane is still talking to us.  
 I think that's a pretty good sign!

What happens when we misbehave on the boat....

We did provide him with snacks and drinks...

Remember our little friend Silas?

Since we were watching him one warm afternoon,
he enjoyed an impromptu trip to the lake with us too.

Fun driving the boat...

Grant is becoming a great deck hand...
helping with ropes and skis and driving.

Which leaves David more time for this...

Lookin' pretty...

Having fun...

Although we spent many trips up and down the lake honing our skiing skills,
Grant and Grace seemed to enjoy our new tube the most.

 They laughed and played and bounced around in the wake.

I prayed for no broken bones or missing teeth.


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