Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Proud Parents and Proud Kids and More Proud Parents

Grant gave this drawing to me for Mother's Day this year.
He likes his food. 

And since I know how to cook, it appears he likes me too.
That's an oven with a pizza in it.
He even drew the bottom coil as red in the oven since it's hot! 😏

The poem he wrote says

Roses are red.  Violets are blue
Little boys like me love cooks like you.
Roses are red.  Violets are blue.
You're a great mom.  I know it's true.

I loved the card.  I loved the sentiment.
But do you know the thing that made this
heart burst with pride?

He correctly punctuated his pronouns.

And what does Grant do that would make David proud?
There's a lot.

But this makes the list...
Grant likes to draw things on graph paper...
things like a new layout for his bedroom.

I, however, DON'T love Grant's drawings of bedroom furniture.
It usually means I'm donating an hour or more of my day to 
rearranging his furniture.

Which usually is followed by Grace also wanting her furniture rearranged.
And that, folks, is not my idea of a fun day with the family.

 is not something a parent should be proud of.

It's a rocks glass filled with apple juice 
to look like the bourbon Dad drinks.

We are endorsing alcoholic consumption
at a very early age.

Sort of.

And sometimes proud parents get to go visit their own proud parents.

It's always a treat to go home.

No matter how long we have lived in Kentucky,
we still talk about "going home" when we travel to Illinois.
Our kids are completely confused by this.

And sometimes
we are proud of our kids
because they tell us they love us
at the most unexpected time and place...

such as this little note Grace left on David's white board at work.

Tell someone you love that you're proud of them.
And then tell them why.

It will make you both smile.
I promise!

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