Thursday, December 30, 2010

Birthday Celebration - Take #44


You are now forty-four.  I love you more each year.  As we count off the years we've been together I feel like I know you more and more each passing year.  I thought I had you figured out when we said our vows.  HA!  Then at year five I knew I had it all figured out....then at ten years.....and fifteen.....and now at almost twenty I have finally fully figured you out. 

So here for your reading pleasure is what I've learned about you in the past many years..........

You are exactly like that pecan pie you love so much.

Profound I know, but let me explain.......

At first, you seem pretty tough.... hard and almost brittle on the surface

you might even be described as a bit flaky by some who know you

 Your determined ways can make you crusty about the edges.

and yet if someone is to push past the tough exterior

they find a softer sweeter person on the inside

a nice balance exists between the two parts

And no one who knows you can deny

.....the very essence of who you are....

...the thing you are known for...

..... the main ingredient.

You, my friend,

are a nut!

See?  I said you were just like a pecan pie!


OK, I'm done.

I'll leave the poetic metaphors to Carl Sandburg and Emily Dickenson. 

There's a reason they're published poets and I'm a stay at home mom.  I better stick to my own vocation.

I love you.



  1. Just curious?? Has David managed to get out of the Flintstone mobile yet?????? I would hate for our favorite son-in-law to have to spend the rest of his life in Fred's car!!!
    Love you David, Judy

  2. Yes. That was taken several years ago. I'm not sure he's flexible enough to get himself into or OUT of that thing again.