Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Hi guys.....shhhhhh, don't tell Grant who I am.  I'm pretending to be Santa.

HOLY COW!!! I was taking a bath with Grace just minding my own business when BAM, I look up and there's Santa sitting right beside me soaking in the bubbles!

No, really Santa.  I am sorry for calling her a whippersnapper cheater and putting the cat in the closet.  And I'm sorry I ate John's candy.  Oh, and sorry about the whole sneaking cookies from the kitchen thing.  And the broken accident, really!  Ummm, yeah, I shouldn't have touched Mom's camera either.  Sorry about that one..........

(enjoying Grant's thirty minute confession of boyhood transgressions)
I am so evil!!

Yeah, I knew it was her all the time.  I made up that stuff.

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