Monday, December 20, 2010

Waiting for Christmas

 We started Christmas break a little early here this year.  The kids were out of school for snow days both Thursday and Friday last week.  Christmas break officially started today for them though.

I took full advantage of having them home for those extra days.  I 'hired' them to babysit the younger two kids while I worked on wrapping Christmas presents.  I've just started working on leaving the four of them alone to take complete care of themselves.  This was a good chance to practice with me still close by and able to hear what was going on downstairs.  The big kids weren't really impressed with their new responsibilities, but I think being paid at the end of the day was enough to change their minds about babysitting.  Both were more than willing to do a repeat performance the second day.

I got everything wrapped and ready for Christmas.  Now we're just hanging out this week enjoying the down time and waiting on the big day.  Grant has learned how to subtract.  I keep hearing him say 'if we have six more days left then in two days we will only have four days left!!'.  He goes through the whole list of math facts before he satisfies his four  year old need to know 'how much longer?'.

The kids are having fun playing with one another and not having any strict schedule to follow.  Yesterday after church and lunch were over we spent the day on the couch watching our favorite movies of the season and eating chex mix.  Not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

Today has been equally exciting with doing laundry and sitting around looking at old photo albums and scrapbooks.

What can I say?  Sometimes we're exciting like that.

Come back in a day or two.  We might be organizing our sock drawers or something else really on the edge!

David was working with his camera again the other night.  My mantle happened to be the subject of study.

I think his work turned out pretty nicely.  It is now my wallpaper on my computer screen!

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