Wednesday, December 1, 2010

When lime is not a color or a fruit......

A collection of shoes in the yard would indicate......

some form of excitement requiring barefoot kids

like this for example

No, it wasn't snow.......nor sand........

This fun powdery substance was the lime pile left over after working down the garden this fall.
What fun!

But what a mess.

These represent my optimism......
and my hard work while children were making messes in piles of lime.  I planted lots and lots of tulips around the house at the farm.  We'll see how successful I am come springtime and warmer weather.

Now back to my well powdered children.....

We headed straight to the bathtub after this little adventure. 

Lime might possibly rank above sand and corn meal on my list of least favorite things to clean off my kids.
We play in some pretty strange stuff sometimes.

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