Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I forgot to post this last week.

One day after picking Grace up from kindergarten we took a trip to the mall to see Santa.
I love Santa.

It is the same man every year since we moved here ten years ago.  I feel like I know him well even though I don't even know his name....well, other than 'Santa'.

Grant was still a bit nervous about the whole thing and would not sit on his lap alone.  Grace was more than happy to oblige by climbing up onto his other knee so the three of them could visit.

Santa asked them all of the right questions regarding if they were good this year and if they listened to their parents and were helpful and kind.  He then asked them what they wanted him to bring them for Christmas.

Grant's request was for a roundhouse for his Thomas train set and a yellow Molly train.
Grace asked for a dollhouse.  (The elves are making the requested dollhouse at ECO as I post this)

After a couple pictures and a checking to ensure Santa knew where we lived and which tree to put the toys under, we were on our way.

Man, I'll miss this some day!!

You can see Grant wasn't really sure about the whole thing.

Merry Christmas!

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